Ten Ways Voodoo Can Make You Rich

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One of the most common requests Papa Crow has are works of Voodoo dealing with money. It is an unfortunate truth that money is needed to make a life in this world, and that there never seems to be enough around to really live and enjoy life as you deserve.

Do you need more money?

Do you wish you had more financial success and money luck?

Do you desire the ability to help your family and friends when they need it.

Voodoo is a potent and powerful means of releasing positve energies to increase luck, success, and wealth. Papa Crow can bring decades of experience to castings of work in your honor and benefit. Here is a short overview of the none most common things people use for money luck. Isn't it time you found some money luck?

1 - Voodoo Money Spells

Papa Crow can cast a Voodoo spell in your name for many different reasons. Create a magnetic draw for money in your life. Have more luck at gambling. Get a better job. Even win lottery money!

"Just tonight I more than doubled my money playing craps."
Jonathan F.
New Rochelle, NY
Money Magnet Voodoo Spell

 2 - Voodoo Money Dolls

Voodoo dolls can offer a bit more control by placing the power in your hands and control. Make sure you will use the doll on a regular basis as this keeps the energy high, releasing more direction to your desires on an ongoing basis!

"The solicitor dealing with progress of the Will has been in touch and is agreeing to an interim payment prior to final settlement next year. Very good."
Patrick F.
East Sussex, England
Mister Money Magick Voodoo Doll

 3 - Hoodoo Oils

Hand mixed and crafted for you by Papa Crow, Hoodoo Oils are great to use for anointing candles, dressing just about anything, and in your own spells and ritual work! You can even use with lottery tickets and bingo cards.

"Ordered the money oil 2 weeks ago won $1,100.00 at bingo."
Dewayne B.
San Francisco, CA
Money Magnet Oil

 4 - Voodoo Money Candle Burning

There can be great power and energy released to your financial blessing burning Papa Crow's money candles. Tailored to your needs and desires many folks have reported back astounding results using these! Release the most power with Triple Coven Cast Candles! Some folks even paved the way into a new home using these.

"Hello, I ordered six candles from you in September, now I'm buying my own home for the first time...I never thought, I could own my own home."
Diane G.
Covington, TN
Voodoo Money Candle Set

 5 - Voodoo Blood Ore Rings

Simple to use, Blood Ore Rings are stone circles that hold massive energy. Not made to be worn they can fulfill manifestations by simply sleeping with them near. 

"I put the ring on and felt a tingling feeling in my fingers, so something is happening, cannot say what yet."
Candice W.
Mobile, AL
Money Magnet Blood Ore Ring

 6 - Voodoo Rice

Rice being a natural part of plant life it holds great potential, easily holds the Voodoo blessings, and is so versatile to use. Carry a sachet of Voodoo rice with you. Paperweight lottery tickets or court documents with some Voodoo rice. Sprinkle some around the bosses desk! The young lady below had such astounding results she wrote twice in the weeks following her reservation.

"Hi Papa!!!!! Just wanted to let you know I just received everything in the mail today that you sent me. And guess what in the mail was a letter from the court saying they have checks waiting for me but not sure of my address so can I come down and bring I.d. to verify address. So guess baby father made his child support payment!!!! :) Rice working already and wasn't even opened and out the mail yet. Was in the mail with the letter the court sent me. Is this possible for the voodoo rice to be working this quick!? I believe it is! ;) Can't wait to see what else is in stored for me. Thanks again!"
"Oh ok, thanks again Papa. Will keep you posted. The rice you sent me worked wonders!!! I was hitting the lottery(the Pick 3) from left and right the whole month of July which is when I received it. And I also won some money off of a few scratch off. :)"
Niasia W.
Orangeburg, SC
Green Money Rice

7 - Voodoo Chicken Feet

A Voodoo classic, Voodoo chicken feet being part of the natural world, once a living thing, these carry great energy of intention and power that can allow money winning energy to impact your life!

"Hi Papa Crow, I wanted to share an update with you, in regards to the money spell I have already started to see the results. :) "
Kyara F.
Margate, FL
Money Chicken Foot

 8 - Guaranteed Lottery Numbers

In fairness these are not really a Voodoo item. There is no magick or spell work in them. Papa has partnered with some very smart people who use a secret proprietary system to generate three plays in the one game of your choice, guaranteed to win lottery money. Order multiple sets to save some money too!

"Hey man I am shaking right now. I had to email you. I just got 4 of the 5 Mega Millions numbers thanks to you. I really need the money and I have you to thank man. You are the real deal and I thank you so much and I am not going to stop playing that's for damn sure."
Brett C.
Beverly, MA
Guaranteed Lottery Numbers

 9 - Gold Ribbon Money Magnet Blessed Banner

Are you one to take the lead? To be in front? This banner is for you then. Papa has crafted these for friends and persoanl acquaintances but only recently added this to Full Moon's website. Most spell include a Blessed CLoth but this is bigger, stronger, and crafted on golden color rich fabric. More potent than most spell works and cloth totems. Easier to use than a Voodoo Doll! The perfect means of making Money Magick! Reserve yours today!

 10 - Money Voodoo Charms

Maybe you have had a money work done in the past and need a quick burst of energy to reignite what was done before? Money Voodoo Charms are a quick and financially friendly way to add extra energies to your life!  Reserve yours today!

Papa Crow

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