What Type of Person Uses Voodoo?

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One of the questions many people ask over and over is "What type of person uses Voodoo?" So often people suspect that only offbeat or somehow weird people might turn to the power of Voodoo in their lives, forgetting that Voodoo is a religion with a longer history than many religions they are more familiar with.

Let me begin by saying that all types of people use Voodoo and over the years of working with people through the Internet Papa Crow has helped people in all 50 of the United States, and in 77 countries around the world!

Perhaps it would give a more clear picture to give a short summary of some of the people, their occupations, where they live, and what they allowed Papa Crow to help them with...


A. Johnson, a police officer in Illinois had a Lover Come Back Spell cast to heal a broken marriage.


Diana P. of Atlanta, Georgia owns a salon business and had Papa craft her an Obsession Love Blood Ore Ring.


Connie S. is an executive at a major airline, lives inn Illinois, and needed a Break Up Voodoo Doll to punish a cheating partner.


M.S. oversees manufacturing for a major computer chip company in Oregon and Papa crafted her a Lover Come Back Spell.


An attorney in New York, Andrew H., used Curse Voodoo Dolls to find justice that was not coming in the courts.


Dr. Tony W. of Texas had a  Money Magick Voodoo Doll crafted and cast to increase his success in dentistry.


A minister in Las Vegas, Dr. F.J. used the Fat Burning Weight Loss Voodoo Spell for persoanl improvement, and also Curse Voodoo Dolls against some devious business partners. 


When concert pianist Y.S. of Texas experienced romantic heartbreak she asked for spirit help with the Voodoo Love Messenger Doll, and then worked to improve her music skills with Papa's Super Confidence Spell.


Many would be surprised to learn university professor William A. of Canada used a Banish Evil Spirits Voodoo Doll.


One regular question is who in the world would use the Raging Bull Spell to work toward a more impressive manhood? Therapist M.B. in the United Kingdom did, as did software engineer A.R. of Austin, Texas and A.P. who works as a chef in North Carolina. For even more control many men also choose the Raging Bull Voodoo Doll.


And some folks do a bit of work themselves. Cardiac nurse H.H. of Texas used Hoodoo Powders in matters of love, and United States Postal Service executive J.M. in Nevada ordered ritual Hoodoo Oils when her spouse was giving her trouble.

 Perhaps there is no reason to go an as I really just wanted to give you an idea of the diversity of people that ask Papa Crow to do some work for them, the many places they live, jobs they do, and to illustrate that the most accomplished and smart people we know sometimes need a little help. If you need some help or have a question at any time drop Papa Crow a line. 


Papa Crow

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