Frequently Asked Questions

About Papa Crow, Voodoo, and Full Moon Magick Shoppe

Who is Papa Crow?

Papa Crow is a lifelong student of magickal arts and a solid practitioner of the Voodoo religion.
Papa is a Voodoo houngan, a priest of the proactive and effective method of using various castings, rituals, and assistance from spirits, also called Lwa or Loa to effect change in the physical world.
Papa has a lifetime record of success working with a wide variety of clients on almost any goal or desire you could imagine.

Why a website?

We live in a changing world and Voodoo has always adapted to the times.
What better way to reach people who might otherwise never have access to this powerful technique of taking back control of their lives. With the wonders of modern technology Papa Crow has rendered spiritual assistance and aid to people all around the world.

How does this work?

Simply choose a spell or totem and an option of casting, single, triple, coven, etc., that is right for you and reserve the work to be done.
Papa will soon be in touch with you via email to gather the required information and details to make the most potent and powerful spell casting possible.
Remember, Papa operates as if every client were family.
Reserving the spell is only the beginning as every doll, totem, and or casting is personalized and tailored to the client and the situation, to your very own needs, goals, and desires.
After preparing the work, the spells shall be cast and a complete report of the work shall be sent to you.
Papa WILL make it happen, and is ALWAYS here for you if you need assistance, have questions or concerns, or just want to say hi. Contact Papa Here

Is Voodoo dangerous or evil?

Not at all.
Papa works in a way so that all supernatural risk is taken upon his shoulders.
In addition Papa always casts spells of protection on every client he works with as an added measure of safety.
Reserve with confidence and know Papa is here for you.
In addition it should be noted that some perceive Voodoo as evil, and many discount it as a religion. In truth Voodoo is a religion, older than all of the large, established, and familiar religions. Voodoo is no more evil than any other thing or idea. A knife can be used for cooking or killing. So goes Voodoo. And for that matter every religion has many examples of people doing evil in the name of their faith.

Does Papa Crow only do Voodoo?

Papa Crow was actually raised in the New Orleans area, in a family with many Roman Catholics and some Voodoo practitioners, as well as a few of the other sacred arts. He learned Voodoo from family members and also is quite proficient in other ways of casting such as Eastern European Gypsy casts, hexes, Witchcraft and more. Papa focuses on Voodoo mainly as he feels quite comfortable with the practice and has seen such powerful and real results with this work.

I'm a Christian. Can I use Voodoo?

Absolutely. Voodoo is not a dogmatic religion and it is common that practitioners have other spiritual beliefs. Many people follow Christian or other belief systems such as Hindu, Buddhism, Judaism, and many others, but they acknowledge the fact of proactive spiritual intervention that Voodoo offers, and they use it to make positive change in their lives.

Spell Castings, Voodoo Dolls, and Other Magick Works

How do I know which of the many options is right for me?

Papa offers quite a large number of different solutions, and remember that every single one of the works shall be tailored to be personal for your own desires, needs, and goals.
In general a large number of folks decide on either a spell casting or a Voodoo doll as they are familiar with these and feel comfortable with the idea. That is 90% of the answer as to what you should choose. Choose the one that feels right to you, that calls to you. In addition to spell casts and Voodoo Dolls Papa offers a large number of other option... Blood Ore Rings, Blessed Banners, Candle Burning Rituals, Voodoo Chicken Feet, and a lot more. Look around and if something simply feels right, know that is a feeling you should listen to.

If Papa personalizes the work what information do I need to give him?

There is no requirement for additional information, but most magick flows more strongly when personalized and most people Papa works with know this and wish the most potent casting, so this is rarely an issue.
If you are worried about your personal information please rest assured that everything shared with Papa is confidential and goes no further than Papa Crow.
In general name, birth date, the current situation you are in, and the desired result, all in your own words, is what Papa seeks.

What if other people are part of the work and I don't have that information about them?

That is never a problem, it simply means Papa must plan the casting accordingly. When information on the other people is not known the spell can be cast to allow energies to flow through to the intended still, simply by planning the work a different way.

Does magick really work?

Magick works and Voodoo works powerfully.
I am amazed at how occasionally someone claims that magick is not real, or that it is a scam of some type, but when questioned these skeptics almost always have a personal belief in their own forms of acceptable magick. Sometimes it might be they criticize Voodoo but are sure that some people can talk to the dead, they shun witchcraft but believe in the helping hands of angels, or they call magick a scam while giving money each week to the church of their choice.
There are many real forms of supernatural energy in the world, and magick is real.

How long does it take to see results?

Exact time to complete manifestation of results is variable due to several factors. A short answer would be between an immediate result to the completion of three full moon cycles. This means from one full moon to the next, three times. Understand that this does not mean it will definitely take that long, only that this is a time frame from best result to maximum time.
Factors that can have an effect on castings are numerous; other negative works to null out, negative energies, doubts, not taking the work seriously, and sometimes the spirits simply saying no. Rest assured that Papa Crow is a master of working through all of these issues.

You mention scams, and some websites do say spell casting is not real. What do you think about this Papa Crow?

At this point in my life there is no need for me to debate with the non-believers and those full of doubt. In fact on occasion I received request from people thinking of having works done but they waffle and waver about, and their letters are steeped with doubt. Not honest questions but doubt and negativity. With the large number of positive people i am blessed to work with and achieve awesome results I don't have time for this, and occasionally have to refuse service as to avoid mutual disappointment. Please review some of the many testimonial emails I have received from happy and successful people, everyone of them real from real people with real results. In the end I can only avoid debate and let these results speak for me.

Spells include a Blessed Cloth but there are also Blessed Banners. What's the difference?

All spell casts include a Blessed Cloth totem that Papa sends to you. This is a strip of cloth decorated with personalized power symbols and infused with the energy of the work, and can be carried with you or tucked near where you sleep to keep the energy flowing to our goal. Papa has found that this aids greatly in a successful outcome to the cast.
Blessed Banners are similar but they are larger, wider and longer, and all spell work is at least Triple Cast, or you may choose Coven Cast for maximum potency. These larger banners are usually displayed or tucked discreetly near where you sleep, and harbor immense Voodoo power to complete the ritual and find success.

If I have more than one spell cast will they conflict with each other?

There is no reason to avoid having two or more works cast at the same time as the spell casts and energies involved are different and will not hinder each other. The only time this would happen is if you chose to have a casting done to neutralize a spell already cast.

Are these spells safe, even the ones for beauty and physical change?

Spell casting is absolutely safe, just like prayer, but often with more proactive results. Please know that Voodoo is one solution to life's issues but is never a substitute for other more traditional means and methods of dealing with life. If you have medical, legal, or financial problems, or any issue that threatens your life or health or well-being, Papa would suggest you consult the appropriate professionals in that field.

Can Voodoo really make a man have a larger manhood?

Physical change can manifest due to the power of Voodoo, and Papa has a long history of success in helping men achieve positive growth results. Review the notes so many men and their happy partners have sent to Papa, every one of them a real letter from a real person that took the time to share their positive thoughts and feelings with me.

Are the spells guaranteed?

All of the work that Papa does is 100% guaranteed.
Visit the testimonials page to see that Papa has had HUNDREDS of satisfied clients with positive changes in their lives, their goals and dreams reached.
These real letters would never have come in if great results had not been obtained.
If within three moon cycles results have failed to manifest Papa will move you to the front of the line, TRIPLE CAST your spell work again at no additional fee, and he will make it happen!

Reservations and Shipping Questions

How do I reserve a spell casting or totem?

Choose the spell or work you like and the level of casting service - Single, Triple, Quick, or Coven Cast - and simply click 'Add To Cart'. Please review the Casting Options to make the best choice for yourself.

What payment options are available?

Full Moon Magick Shoppe accepts ShopPay, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, Meta Pay, Diners Club, Amex, and Discover. 

I don't have a credit card. Can I still reserve a casting?

Papa does accept other means of payment as some folks do not or cannot use the above mentioned methods.
You may choose to use either Western Union or MoneyGram by special arrangement with Papa Crow if you prefer these methods.
Full Moon also accepts money orders but they must be POSTAL MONEY ORDERS drawn in US dollars, and must clear before any expense shall be put forth in casting. 

After casting how long does it take to get my totem?

This varies depending on where you are and the time of year. We are in the United States so most shipments to the United States and Canada take 3-10 days. International shipments of course take longer and usually must clear through customs of the specific country. The United Kingdom and Europe generally are fastest, Asia, Australia, and far reaching places take longer. Customs can delay packages and sometimes can take 30 days or more, but in general most postal services seem to be efficient and packages arrive in a timely manner. Holidays of course take a bit longer.

What does the package look like? I don't want everyone to know what I ordered?

Papa Crow and Full Moon Magick Shoppe respect your privacy. Most packages are simply brown or anila color boxes or envelopes, and the return address is simply listed as 'Full Moon' or 'FMMS.' If you need special shipping conditions contact Papa and let him know, we want to make you comfortable when reserving a casting.

I don't live in the United States. Can I reserve a spell?

Absolutely. Full Moon Magick Shoppe and Papa Crow have worked with people from dozens of countries around the world in addition to all 50 of the United States. Here's a complete and always growing list of the places Papa has clients and friends.

My country has strict laws about magick or postal regulations. What can I do?

It is a very large and complicated world, and the rules, customs, and local laws are complicated and always changing. Full Moon policy is that the customer must be familiar with their local laws and their countries postal regulations before placing an order. Being American we are strong believers in religious and spiritual freedom but all political systems do not agree and we wish to bring no troubles to you. If in doubt contact Papa to discuss the situation.

Rewards Program

How do I redeem points?

Click on the "Rewards Program" button on the bottom right of our homepage. Once opened click on "Rewards" and then a "Redeem" button will pop up if you have enough points for a reward. If this is available click "Redeem" and you will be given a code. Input this code into the checkout for your discount.

Other Questions

I didn't get an answer from you via email Papa?

After your reservation Papa will contact you, usually within 24 hours. Please know that there are several difficulties with communications via e-mail.
First, many web-based email providers such as GMail, Yahoo and others have excellent SPAM control functions. Unfortunately sometimes the words in our emails relating to spell works are listed as potential SPAM terms and they automatically add our communication to the trash or SPAM file. Please check there first.
To prevent this move the email to the inbox, and even better add our email - FullMoonMagickShoppe@GMail.com to your contact list, address book, or email address whitelist.
Some other email providers are even more stringent and delete the communication without giving you the chance to see it. In this case we must wait until we hear from you to reply to your email.

I use Boxbe or another email screener. Will you email me?

A certain number of people have moved to using these services that restrict all email in an attempt to curb SPAM. Full Moon does not and will not use these services for several reasons. One is that the process is time consuming and often frustrating to simply send a short communication. Also we get our share of SPAM and do not click on links from unfamiliar sources. Finally it seems there are more and more of these services to deal with. Most of our clients do not feel the need for this and this is where we must focus our effort.
A simple solution would be for you to please set up an e-mail address that perhaps you only use for communications with Full Moon Magick Shoppe, solving the issue for both of us with less frustration and confusion.

My question was not answered here?

Please write Papa and he shall answer all of your questions one on one, in private.
Use the Contact form or drop a line to FullMoonMagickShoppe@GMail.com.