What the Flower Full Moon Means to Papa Crow

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May is a wonderful month of the year, falling for most between the rigors of the snow and ice of Winter but not yet into the inferno that Summer can be. Beyond the pleasant season we find ourselves in May is also a time of birth, rebirth, and blossoming, April showers bringing May flowers and such, the first part of a long warm period of harvest, results, success.

As such the Full Moon of May goes by several names but the most common is the Flower Moon, when wonderful things happen, fruition of life begins its process again, and results we have sought come into bloom! 

This May 21 shall find Papa Crow and his friends gathered in a very old Voodoo cemetery, under the light of the Flower Moon, working as one to make some changes for ourselves and those closest to us. It would be wonderful if you chose to join us in the spell work we are planning, and perhaps made some magick of change for yourself in your life?

Are you seeking some change or success in life?
Do you face an issue in love or marriage?
Are there money issues tearing you away from happiness?
Do you seek physical, mental, relationship, or spiritual change?


The work we are planning Saturday, May 21 is a Full Moon Triple Coven Cast just for you!

The work shall bloom into a result of three potent totems that shall be sent to you as a Spell Cast Kit, easy to use, and powerful in change energy. The kit includes...

Full Moon Oil ~ Papa Crow's hand blended oil, ONLY made under Full Moon light!
Full Moon Graveyard Dirt ~ From Papa's SECRET casting spot
Large Altar Cloth ~ About 18 inches square, golden color, and personalized to you!

Read more here about the casting and totems.

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