Voodoo Works! Real Notes From Real People

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Almost every day I receive notes, emails, letters from people telling me of happy success and change in their lives we are able to bring about with the power of magick energies! These are but a few that have come in lately. I do like to share some of these as they fulfill me and add meaning to my work, and you might enjoy them also...

"Thank you thank you thank you!! After almost 2 years that my father left my family and did not show any remorse, he called me crying telling me he is in so much pain emotionally, I have never seen him like this! thank you thank you thank you." 
- Diana - Revenge Curse Doll

"Dear Papa Crow
Thank you for the information I am doing as per your instructions and I can feel the energy
As far as I have read about vampires I do feel weak by the sun and it burns to walk in sunlight and I do feel thirst for blood.
Thanks very much I do feel the energy by simply even holding the doll before starting the ritual and even feel my blood changing."
- Yug - Vampire's Blood Doll

"I was in a down spiral because I lost my previous job, and the present and future really seemed grim to me. A week later, I got called for an interview, and got hired like right on the spot! It was amazing, because it is in a good location, and most important it started giving me the income I desperately needed. I already had an emergency job in the mornings, but the income was not nearly half of what I used to make. With this new job at night time, my situation seriously stabilized and started having a better outlook at life."
- Marco - Job Magnet Spell

"The healing blessing for the cat is showing positive results.He is definitely gaining weight,his coat has thickened up and he is calmer now."
- Owen - Pet Blessings Offering Doll

"First I want to thank you. You recently cast a (free) spell for me in regards to my husband finding a job out west so we could move. Well, along with my consistent visualization and journaling on the matter, the request has manifested. My husband received a job in Denver, Colorado (our first pick in location), and our relocation costs are being assisted by his new employee."
- Patricia - Job Magnet Spell

"I am feeling safe now, but I think that is largely because of you."
- Sandi - Three Night Triple Coven Cast Success Work

Papa Crow

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