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Have you felt as if you needed a POWERFUL pick me up each and every month but sometimes forget to take the time and reward yourself? 

Do you find yourself in need of just a bit of luck to bring your life back into a steady and positive flowing environment? 

Let Papa Crow and his Full Coven take your worries into their hands and engulf your life with the powers and energies of each Full Moon of the year! 

Each Full Moon has different strengths that will be used to harness whatever type of help that is needed each month. Once the subscription has processed Papa will contact you and you will let him know your monthly needs such as 

  • Love
  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Luck
  • Self Improvement
  • Physical Improvement 
  • Mental Well Being
  • Or just about any type of problem that needs addressing

What if there is a month where there is no Full Moon, such as the Dark Moon or Blue Moon?

 -These months bring even GREATER energies as they are so rare and we will  definitely be taking advantage of months like so. 

What about a month with two Full Moons? 

-Even better as you will have the powers harnessed TWICE in one month! On these months expect a delay in the shipment of your totem, but worry not as it will have double the powers!

Will I receive anything after the casting?

- You will receive a handcrafted totem each month that represents the type of Full  Moon that we are harnessing energies from. 


Our Single Cast Totems are usually $149.95 and aren't cast on the powerful Full Moon. This special subscription is only $99.95 and will be cast on each and every Full Moon of the year!


Click below to subscribe! 


If you have any questions please contact us by clicking "Ask Papa Crow" at the top right corner or by emailing 

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