The Autumn Equinox Is Upon Us

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Once a year we reach the time where the Autumnal Equinox is happening and the time has come this year. On September 23rd we will enter into a new season of change. Energies are high, the weather is cooling, and Summer is behind us.

Fall Equinox And Its Magick

  Each year there are high energies in the air around the Autumn time due to the new season. This is one of my favorite times to create castings as change is all around. Have you ever noticed in the Fall time that you seem to create sparks more frequently? Getting into your car and there is a slight shock. Your hair stands on it ends due to static electricity. These are all signs of higher amounts of energies and shows that this is the perfect time to create the change that is needed. Harnessing the energies of change now is the optimum time to take part in a special casting or work.

Should I Act Now Or Wait?

  Many people like to act as quickly as possible with the change of the seasons as this is the HIGHEST point of energies throughout the year. It is a sort of metaphor for our lives with the change of seasons and the change that CAN be made in our life if we choose to participate. Other will wait until later in the Fall as they feel like the energies are sometimes too high and they will lose control. Those people, in my opinion, are just no experienced in the workings of Magick. If you want to be a part of the people that can gather the highest amount of energies to create the most amazing changes I would act now in your crafts. 

  Some Papa's clients like to take part in a specific work on the site such as the Raging Bull Manhood Banner, Electric Charisma Voodoo Doll, Barrels Of Cash Spell, Obsession Love Doll, and Much More... While others enjoy partaking in a special offering type of casting as these are usually discounted and a better deal than a simple purchase without a code or sale. Luckily for those people Papa is going to offer an extremely powerful and discounted casting on the Autumn Equinox, September 23rd, in which he shall harness the energies of change to bring us the guaranteed changes that we wish for. This will be a Triple cast Spell Work which is usually over $300 but will now be $199.95! A savings of over $100! 

Do you want change? Do you want the HIGHEST energies now? Then what are you waiting for my friend?

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There are only FIVE spaces open for this casting and a few of Papa's clients are planning to reserve today... Act Fast!

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