How Long Until My Spell Gives Me Results?

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I've Recently Had A Work Done. So How Long?

When you reserve your spell work there are a few steps as you know before the casting can be done. This is a fully custom work that is done in your honor over long nights of work to craft the results to your specific wants and needs. After Papa has all of the info you feel necessary to the situation he will then begin either by himself or his full coven, depending on your casting level, work to create the energies needed to gain the results you desire. The results will come in a time frame anywhere from one moon cycle to multiple moon cycles, usually no more than six, and depending on which strength of casting you have received this will effect the time frame of the work. A Single Cast usually takes longer than a Triple Coven Cast as we are giving offerings to the spirits in hopes that they will see how much we want and need these changes in our life. The higher the casting level the more energy and power that is directed towards the goal and the spirits will see this. 

What Is A Moon Cycle?

A Moon Cycle in simple terms is the cycle the moon takes from the New Moon to the Full Moon and then at the end the Last Quarter. This usually is about a month in time. 

Is There A Guaranteed Time Frame?

Generally the stronger the spell work the faster and stronger the time frame. We are at the hands of the spirits and must give them what they desire to reach our ultimate goals. Even Papa answers to the spirits in your honor to show them what we need. Essentially the more we offer and give to them in regards to energies and castings is the better and faster chance of our goals and desires! 

What Makes The Spirits Happy?

There are a few things that really drive the spirits to being content and giving us what we desire. First is Confidence and Faith in their abilities. If we even have a shred of doubt in our mind this could completely destroy their will to work in our favor! We must keep confident in the spirits as to not offend them and their powers. Secondly the spirits feed off of our energies so we must stay positive! If we are negative about the casting the spirits will read into this and could give us undesired results. And lastly we must be patient. We are in the spirits hands and at their will. Being patient is what will bring the results most quickly as if we are rushing the spirits they WILL take longer. With these three points of actions your spell work WILL result in great findings!


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