Magick Surrounds Us All

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Have you ever wondered if magick was a part of you?

Many of Papa's clients don't know that they themselves are magickal. Yes you read that correct. Everyone on earth has the ability to perform their own spell works and claim their own destiny. With time, knowledge, effort, and patience we can all manifest our own outcomes to what we wish they be. 

How do I unlock my own powers?

Whether you wish for love, money, health, luck, self-improvement, or something else you must understand that it is possible. Truly honing your own magickal skills is not something for the faint of heart or the impatient. This is why some of Papa's clients give up right before the huge change is coming and why others succeed. You see the change isn't up to us 100% as we are honoring the spirits that control the universe and allow and block energies from reaching people. 

We must respect that the universe only grants change to those of us who really prove that we deserve it, will work for it, and will respect it. To unlock your own magickal abilities you must have patience. You must believe in yourself and the spirits. And lastly you must not be afraid of failure. 

I've tried my own works before and never get results

If you've tried to practice magick before and can never get any type of results there could be many reasons for this failure. You may have not honored the spirits in the way that they wish. You also may not have performed your ritual closely enough as needed. Or you simply were too impatient and gave up right before the fireworks were to begin. Figuring out what went wrong is the number one key to getting closer to what you desire. 

What if I don't want to do my own magick?

Worry not as some of us do not wish to do all of the tiring hours of rituals, finding supplies, and figuring out the correct way to perform said rituals. This is when you let a professional practitioner take over for you and you simply must follow their instructions afterwards. There isn't any magick so simple that you just sit back and get results instantly or without effort. Even works that Papa crafts in your honor take a small amount of effort on your part in that you must have patience, stay positive, and respect the spirts + universe. If you have these three things you shall surely get what you wish for. When the spirits see fit you WILL get your desired results. 

Maybe you have tried magick on your own and haven't seen anything promising so you're now looking into a practitioner. If you're reading this right now I want you to take this a a sign from the universe that you're in the right place and taking the right steps to change. You are actively seeking out methods to fix whatever it is that you desire. Since you're one of the few who wishes to take control and really do the work that is needed for you to get your ultimate wish I wanted to give you the opportunity to see some change for yourself. I want you to have a special rate to reserve any Triple Coven Cast work on the Full Moon site. Most of Papa's Triple Coven Cast works are very pricey as they take the energies of many people, including Papa, that work in your honor. I want you to be able to experience the change that you deserve for the low reservation fee of $129.95. To receive this special offer Click Here. Once the payment has bee remitted simply wait for Papa to write you to ask your specific wants and desires. He shall then cast in your honor for complete and total change. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Papa at 

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