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Differences In Magick Around The World

There are many distinct differences between magick in the Western world in comparison to the indigenous magick practiced by other areas of the world. Western techniques differ in many fundamental ways, and historically both sides have looked at each other in negative light over the years. Westernerns have had disdain for traditionally African Magicks such as Voodoo, or Candomble, but there is an equal amount of negativity towards Western practices by non-western cultures. 
Social media has allowed us to see that many non-Western practitioners and shamans describe western magick in a way that describes it as fiction. Many believe there just are no results. Wicca in particular has been laughed at or shrugged off as something many do for fun because it simply makes one feel better mentally, rather than in reality. 
Before offense is taken I, Papa Crow, do not believe this to be true as I have personally seen many effects of Wicca and other western practices. This seems to be a prejudice that should be worked on being removed from our world. There is a place for all types of magick on our earth. 

Benefits From Experimenting With Magick Around The Globe

This brings me to the conclusion and purpose of this blog. I do believe that creating magick from all types of cultures and backgrounds is a great way to throw out a wide net and have an array of works that shall bring changes that we wish for. I do not believe in belittling other practices or cultures of magick. All are valid and valuable ways of enhancing our lives for the better. 

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