What's New at Full Moon Magick Shoppe This Week

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I wanted to let you all know that several wonderful new spells and Voodoo dolls have been added to Full Moon Magick Shoppe this week. Perhaps one of these calls to you...

Voodoo Spells

Curse An Ex-Love Lover's Justice Spell (Give your ex the justice they deserve!)

Lustful Lovers Primal Love Spell (Love is more than just romance and sweetness!)

Make a Man Love You Spell (Melt his manly heart in the palm of your hands!)

Moneybags Cash Blessings Spell (Powerful means to attract money into your life!)

Voodoo Dolls

White Light Protection and Healing Spell (Wrap yourself in a shroud of comfort!)

Black Death Curse Voodoo Doll (For the times you need the ultimate revenge or justice!)

The Cock Won't Crow Impotence Voodoo Doll (Clip the wings of any cheating rooster!)

If any of these call to you reserve and allow Papa Crow to assist you.
If you have any questions drop me a line at any time here.

Papa Crow


 "I was sceptical as it if this item would really work. It worked. I was amazed." Brenda C.


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