How to Join and Advance In A Coven

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There is a large variety of levels within the Wiccan religion. There are largers portions such as the Arician Traditions, Northern Tradition, Albion Tradition, Ladywood Tradition, Aridian and Black Forest Clan, Gardnerian Wicca, Blue Star Wicca, and Covenant of the Goddess. All of these sects usually have a specific way that they will structure their coven. All of these covens follow their own structure as to not disturb the rhythm they have set for centuries. These rules may be written rules or they may be unspoken knowns inside each coven itself. After the large covens there are others such as my own that have been practicing for many years but have not expanded. Your coven doesn't necessarily need a solid structure but it will help each participant know their own part in which helps the system of casting run smoothly.


Know that if you intend to enter into a coven you will not be let in easily. Proving yourself and loyalty to this coven is key. In its simplest form, a Coven is a group of practitioners who practice castings and magick together. There are thousands of covens out in the world today. Some are considered sects of the Wiccan faith and some are not striclty Wiccan and have other root magick and beliefs, such as Voodoo Covens. Voodoo Covens and Wiccan covens differ in the way they practice and their beliefs are similar but not the same. In the Wiccan religion an ideal coven is made up of 13 members, but in the Voodoo Coven you only need a four. Inside the practices of each coven the structure is important to keep moving forward with new members becoming just as knowledgeable as the high priest or priestess. There are even types of rules, called imperiums, to keep the Coven in order and casting with the best results possible. A coven will cast in their same temple each time as they have created a bond with the energies in this location. A coven may travel and cast with another coven in their preffered casting temple or altar. Inside a covens temple there are many rooms including a secretum cubiculem, which is a room with the covens most prized trikets, and casting items. 



Once you have gained entrance into a coven you will have to prove yourself for a few months to your new coven and gain their trust. The highest level of a member in the Voodoo Coven is a High Priestess or Priest and this is the most respected and most difficult to become. When you are new to your coven there will be an initiation to advance to gaining their trust and eventually becoming a higher level member.  Once you are in your coven you will find out the necessary measures you must take to gain their respect. For example the coven main wish for you to do a casting alone to prove that you will add value into their coven. They may also ask you to take a blood oath to show that you are there for the best interests of the coven as a whole.

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