What Is Magick?

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Magick overall is the use and manipulation of energies to produce the change that is desired or needed. Three main sources of energies are used in Magick. Personal Energies, Earth Energies, and Divine Energies. 

Personal Energies

Personal Energies are the powers that live in us from birth and protect us from danger and negative energies. These types of energies are gained through our daily lives such as through the sun, the moon, the stars, eating, drinking, living... All very natural things that occur in our life on a daily basis. Within magick we learn to harness these energies to create a change within ourselves and our lives. To try some rituals yourself check out ritual oils, hoodoo powders, or voodoo rice.

Earth Energies

Earth Energies are the powers that live within our powerful and energy filled planet. Rocks, Trees, Nature, Mountains, Oceans, Volcanoes, and More... All of the things listed and more can produce energies needed to harness the control and effects of magick. 

Divine Energies

The most powerful of the energies are Divine Energies which is mostly what Papa partakes in when casting as these are gifts given from the spirits to give us the changes that we so desire. Magick is not just about the use of power or control. No one can just stand up and demand change from the spirits. We must show that we deserve and need these changes. We must respect the spirits and in return we shall get what we want. If you wish for Papa to create a change in your life let him know!

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