What Casting Is Best For You?

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   Many of Papa's clients struggle with picking which casting is the best option for them because many of us have a few wishes and desires that we would like to take care of. As mentioned in the last blog it is best to have a separate casting for each wish as having multiple wants and needs in one casting will dilute the outcome. So what to do if you have three or more outcomes?

Choose Multiple Castings

If you have multiple wants and needs the most simple answer would be to choose multiple separate and tailored works that Papa shall craft for each desire. This is the best option as each desire will have specific time and energy put into developing the results needed.  

Choose a Triple Cast Casting Or Higher

Let's say you have three wishes that you want cast for. Money, Love, and Luck. If you choose a Triple Cast work each item will get the full level of a Single Cast. If you want even more energy Papa offers Triple Coven Cast works that are crafted and cast three times by Papa and his full coven in your honor. Each item will not get the full Triple Coven Cast power but it will be more powerful than the Triple cast on it's own. Some may wish for a bundle to have all wishes cast at the highest level and work out a bundle deal with Papa. For more info on Casting Levels click here.

Best To Choose One Desire

Over all it is still best and recommended that when choosing a casting and level you should stick with one desire for each spell casting. This gives Papa the most time and energy for your custom work. Now that we have talked about how to choose a casting lets talk about what medium is best for you...

Voodoo Doll, Spell, Blessed Banner, etc...

Papa offers a multitude of spells that can be cast into different items. You may even have Papa cast for you and send nothing if you cannot receive the item. The plus of a Voodoo Doll is that you will be able to perform the ritual whenever you wish to release the powerful energies imbued into the doll. Spells are a great way to have a small totem sent with the energies cast into the item, but no ritual is required. Totems are great to keep near you throughout the day and night so the energies will lock themselves onto you and your desires. Blessed Banners are beautiful hand crafted cloths that have your wish cast into them and can easily be tucked away, similar to a totem, wherever you go. Some prefer the lighting of a candle. It's a simple ritual that anyone can follow but you are still removed enough from any complicated process. Release the energies whenever needed by lighting your specially cast candle! Papa also offers Blood Ore Rings, Magick Rice, Psychic Readings, Ritual Oils, Hoodoo Powder, Chicken Feet Totems, and More!


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