Voodoo Charms and How To Use Them

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If you have ever been interested in Voodoo Charms, how they work, what they can do, and if they're for you then you're in the right place. Voodoo Charms are something that have ben used for hundreds of years to bring positive change and outcomes for people and their needs. Below are a few different types of charms and what they are used for.

Protection Charm

Sometimes we all need a bit of protection and there are ways you can do this at home. Many say an Alligator's tooth is great the create a garde, a special protective charm, that shall bring the protection of the spirits over you and your loved ones. The tooth should be soaked in a type of brew called a pot pouri each year for seven days. When done the tooth must be stored in a bottle, a mavangou, or the energies will cease to exist! Some of Papa's friends find spells like this to be a bit overwhelming, which is understood, so there is always easier options to get the needed protection. Papa can do the hard work for you and if you feel this seems too tedious don't hesitate to ask Papa about a spell for you or check out the Protection Spells on Full Moon! 

Making Dreams Come True

A charm that can be created to make your wildest dreams come true consists of taking a large seashell and filling it with tar. Once this is complete cover the mouth of the shell with an ember of charcoal and allow it to smolder for a few minutes. Once this step has been completed you will then sprinkle powdered Ambergris on the coal and proceed to pry and meditate for your desired results. On the following Friday go outside at 3Am and pick three Violet leaves and repeat the name of three helpful loas. One loa for each leaf picked. Once all of this has been completed place the leaves on top of the cooled seashell and place under your pillow. This spell is for well practiced and versed practitioners as it is more complicated and deals with fire. Do this spell with caution my friends! Again if this is a bit too much for you please don't hesitate to look at the offerings for success as Papa can do all of these difficult tasks in your honor.

Charms To Keep Evil Away

A well known good luck charm to keep evil spirits away is water from a river, drawn with your back facing the river, is a great good luck potion. When home cleanse the water by boiling it for 10 minutes and then let cool. Drink a bit each day to keep the positive energies near. If you fear to already have evil spirits near then stronger methods should be taken. See some here.

Garlic Charms

Garlic has been used as as protection from spirits of the dead and protect individuals from all evil. To use garlic as a charm place in a small cloth sack and tie around the neck as a voodoo charm. Red flannel is the best cloth to use for this type of charm. 

Simple Charms

Placing a broom over your door is simple and has been done for hundreds of years to keep sickness and disease away from the home. An old broom that has been used is best fro this type of charm. The next simple type of charm is mustard seeds planted by your front and back door. This will bring success and luck in everything attempted. 

If you have any questions about Voodoo Charms please don't hesitate to ask Papa for help!

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