Spring is the time for Salt Blessings

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Springtime is the season of rebirth and nothing can prepare the magick path for change, success, and growth more than a complete and powerful cleansing. And the most potent and powerful cleansing of all makes magickal use of salt, along with ritual fire.

Papa Crow is celebrating Spring with a powerful cleansing ritual! Won't you please join me in clearing the path for all you desire and deserve? If you have prayed for change, wished for better, or even made magick in pursuit of your needs, now is the time to clear the path to success! Make powerful change in all matters of love, money, and change both mental and physical.

This work shall be done from dusk till dawn, an entire night of purification, banishment of all evils and torments, clearing and cleansing any ill winds, hexes, or curse energies, and making a clean slate for your future.

Please do contact papa Crow today, this work shall happen this week, now is the time to reserve yours. As time consuming as this is, one per night only, reserve now before the time is past.

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