Should I Learn Magick?

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What Is Magick?

Magic is the traditional path to spiritual growth. When you are knowledgeable in magick you have the abilities to resolve questions of the spiritual kind that many others do not have access to. Magick also gives us the abilities to speak to beings on all levels. These beings hold the answers to our questions and the solutions to our needs. 

When To Use Magick?

Some get confused when figuring out what types of situations they should use magick for. Should it be to better the world? To know the answers to the unknown? To fix issues within myself or my life? There is no distinct answer with magick as you can use this to have all of these solutions fixed. It mostly depends on your skill level or on what your desired outcome with magick is.

Where To Use Magick?

When you are practicing magick you want it to be a secluded and private area that will have little to no distractions or intrusions. Once your spell work is complete there is many times a totem of sort that needs to be kept in a secluded and safe area. Some find this difficult as they have family and friends that may not give them the time or privacy to do something as intricate as a spell casting.

Lastly, How To Do Magick?

This is a question that could go on forever but the short of it is: There is no one way. There are thousands of different way to create the magickal energies of change and positivity. It can take years to really learn the practice and to get the results you desire. Be sure to know that you are wanting t invest the years of time and dedication because this is something that it will take to perfect your craft. If you have any questions please reach out to Papa as he is always here to help!


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