Make This Full Moon Your Money Moon

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The full moon is upon us and many are in need of some added luck and prosperity, and in this Papa Crow wished to allow you to turn this Full Moon into a MONEY MOON that shall shower you with the energy of financial blessings and positive money change. 

As the Full Moon rises Papa and his fellow practitioners shall gather and make powerful castings of abundance and money blessings for a select few. This is something we do on many full moons, but in appreciation of your dedication and friendship over the years, my readers shall see the fee for this work discounted from the normal $299.95 down to ONLY $139.95! A $160 benefit before we even begin.

If you are tired of living paycheck to paycheck...
If you every have to worry about money or juggle the bills...
If you wish you had more to help the ones you love...

If any of the ills of want have plagues you then this is for you. A complete Triple Coven Casting and a potent Voodoo Offering Doll to use in the creation of wealth and money magick!

RESERVE NOW as places are limited. You may reserve through Paypal at this page...

Or visit the Money Moon page for more information.

As always if you have a question please drop Papa Crow a line.

Papa Crow

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