A Midsummer's Night Voodoo Bonfire

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Summer Solstice has a long history in magick of being a time of change and power, and Papa Crow almost always has a special night planned. In Voodoo the Summer Solstice is especially relevant as it is quickly followed by St. John the Baptist day on June 24. The year 2016 finds the June 20 Summer Solstice on the same night as a Full Moon, making this a rare and special night for us all.

I do indeed have much planned beginning at a little after five PM in the central part of the United States, as Summer Solstice passes. Prayers, blessings, and offerings shall proceed until dusk. At that point I shall personally set ablaze a powerful bonfire to burn away the past. Failures, disappointments, and lost causes shall be set ablaze and all rendered new and fresh in spirit eyes.

The bonfire shall be kept going until the midnight hour and during this time much work shall be done by Papa and his fellow practitioners in our own names and for our own aims. For a lucky few who see the value of this there is an invitation to join us and have us all make Triple Casting Offerings in your name and honor. You may even join us in silent thanks and offerings of prayer for your blessings between dusk and midnight wherever you are!

All shall culminate in Triple Cast energy release to your needs, aims, and desires in matters of love, money, success, life, whatever troubles you. If you have specific needs write to Papa Crow and let him know.

The bonfire shall give forth Offering Ash that you shall use to make things happen, to effect the change you seek, and to find success and what it is you seek this Summer season.

It would be wonderful if you joined me and allowed us to do this for you so the fee has been made most reasonable at only $189. Please do reserve your place at the Midsummer Bonfire Blessings Cast before all of the schedule is full!

I look forward to serving you in the name of St. John the Baptist.

Reserve Here!

Papa Crow

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