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Below is information about the different casting options that I have for most of my magickal items. 

Exactly as it sounds, Papa Crow shall plan, personalize, and cast your spell one time creating a powerful change in the energy of the universe all to your benefit and goal.
Before casting Papa shall be in touch via email to gather all of the information he needs to make your spell a success.
You will be informed of the exact time of your spell casting, and both before and after the ritual Papa is of course available for your questions and concerns.

By far the most popular offering Papa makes with his work, this option allows Papa to cast the same spell three times in a row.
This creates a vortex of energy and amplifies the power of the spell many more times than three.
The increased power often creates faster results and more stunning finishes to the spell work.
Best of all the Triple Casting is generally only about twice the time and materials fee of the Single Casting.
It's much more than three times the magick at only twice the fee!

While Voodoo is not typically practiced as a coven, it is more like a church when performed by groups,
the term Coven Casting immediately defines what this option is so people can understand it. Rather than simply the casting services of lifelong Voodoo Houngan Papa Crow, the spell you choose shall
be cast by a select group of some of the most powerful Priests and Priestesses in Voodoo who have made a life of helping others affect physical change through the power of magick.

Similar to the Coven Cast, but MUCH more powerful as this is Coven Cast THREE times with Papa and his full coven. 
Once reserved Papa and his full coven will prepare for this casting and will take the time needed to work specifically for you and your needs.
There is no better or more tailored option than the Triple Coven Cast. 
There can be no more powerful method than this.
Note that this option takes a few days to arrange and implement as various schedules must be allowed to open to perform the ritual to maximum benefit.



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