Upward Spiral Offering Charm

Upward Spiral Offering Charm

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2020 has been a very difficult year for just about everyone.

Disease, political turmoil, injustice, loss of income for so many...
But that is the Nature of life and the very Universe... patterns, waves, ups and downs.

2020 has been a year spiraling downward but there is no reason to simply allow yourself to be pulled so far downward. My friends are being invited to join me on ONE POWERFUL WORK that shall pull them back upward along the spiraling energy path.


~ It means turning the tide of decline you're suffering through!
~ With this work see love issues plaguing you wilt away and hearts be healed!
~ This work reverses money woes, increases income, protects from financial harm!
~ Papa Crow's Upward Spiral work will heal, protect, and bless you and yours starting NOW!
~ Reserve Today to halt ill winds and build a bridge to positive change NOW!


~ Papa Crow will Triple Cast with All Fellows for THREE NIGHTS!
~ Castings performed in Secret Forest Altar Location
~ You will receive the Upward Spiral Offering Charm to release change into your life!
~ Casting starts soon, RESERVE NOW to avoid missing this special work!

I hope YOU ALL can join me, especially those who I know need a boost in love, money, life!
There are limited places for this work as it takes much time, PLEASE do not let this slip away.
*Cannot be used with discounts