Solar Eclipse Casting

Solar Eclipse Casting

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In just four days I shall be traveling across several states to the most important Voodoo ritual cast of my year and your life. August 21 I shall be working for you under the intense energy of the Total Solar Eclipse, a once in a lifetime event, once in this area each 400 years! PLEASE DO NOT MISS THIS.

Perhaps you have had work done in the past? THIS cast is NOTHING like past works in the rarity of it's POWER and ABILITY to make change!

Is there something still that you need or desire? DO NOT let this once in a lifetime opportunity to pass you by. Only a VERY FEW shall have this as the timeframe is exceedingly short for work.

Can You Afford this? THE REAL question for this rare work is CAN YOU AFFORD TO NOT HAVE THIS DONE?

Please RESERVE the 2017 Eclipse Casting today. There shall not be another like this for years, and I fully expect the reservations to fill quickly, perhaps all to be filled today. DO NOT MISS OUT.


The fee covers Papa Crow traveling across states with other casters, and full triple cast work under total eclipse conditions. The location is to be decided on casting day as if there is overcast skies it will require a move to one of several possible locations. RESERVE NOW so as not to be lift out on this never to be repeated in my lifetime work!

You shall receive a handmade and one-of-a-kind totem of this work, a secret totem not to be revealed to those not in this work!