Rope Fetish Doll

Rope Fetish Doll

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A fetish in Voodoo is an item that carries power, power to make change, and it can take many forms.

I am crafting a precious few Rope Fetish Dolls, made from rope used in many rituals and carrying a current of power in them already - before any work has even been started.

How do these differ from regular dolls? Simply in that I only have a few feet of this special sacred rope to craft these few dolls, rope that already tingles in my hand, thrums with the energy of change and intention, so they are rare, powerful, and 100% GUARANTEED filled with intention!

EXTREMELY RARE, and it shall be first come, first to realize their potential, and all late comers shall be disappointed, so RESERVE NOW!

Usually these Rope Fetish Dolls work best in one of four directions... ONE ONLY!

- Love Issues, and watch things bend to your will and desire!
- Money Blessings, be knowing you shall be awash in excess money blessings
- Curse power, for one or a group of people that shall wither with this work
- Change, In your life, body, health, mind, or in all find change

Alright, no quibbling, no trying to convince you friend, either you see this rare wisdom or you are in the dark.

If you are one of my confident, motivated, and knowing friends you can have yours done personal and powerful for only $189.95.

It is my sincere expectation that all shall be reserved quickly so DO NOT HESITATE and be lost.

RESERVE your Rope Fetish Doll then write and tell me YOUR NEED and DESIRE for this rare, almost never offered work!