Papa's Three Night Springtime Blessings

Papa's Three Night Springtime Blessings

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I don't have to tell you that the past few years have been some of the most challenging years we have faced.

But with determination and some added blessings we've made it through! Almost...

I am writing to YOU specifically as I want to gather a VERY SMALL group of like-minded, positive thinkers to pave a path into brighter days, to ensure the coming times are ones to contrast the past - filled with blessings and growth!

There are THREE HUGE events looming and I need you to join me in using these - all of these - to reward all of us!

First Papa is starting this festival of castings on April 20th with a special ritual that he and his fellows shall be preparing specially for YOU and your needs. 

This is followed by the Massive Energy of Springtime growth that we are tapping into on April 25th at dusk!

And our work shall end on April 30th which is the Black Moon, the second New Moon of this month! 

I and all my fellows shall gather on all three of these evenings for triple works of power to ensure OUR YEAR is filled with blessings and the travails of the past are in the past where they belong.

THE ONE QUESTION - Shall you join me to ensure Blessings all year long, or allow this tired energy to follow you into the coming months?

You shall join me I feel, I have spent the time to alert you, and have but a few openings for only my closest friends.

We have made this extremely affordable for three works, at $99.95, and you may reserve your three blessing nights for only $299.85. DO NOT HESITATE, once my schedule is full for all this it is done!


**excludes Psychic Readings and Special Offers/Castings/Full Moon Castings, Cannot be used with other discounts