Papa Crow Three Night Altar Cloth

Papa Crow Three Night Altar Cloth

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Some of Papa Crow's most potent and powerful offerings are not for everybody.
I am preparing to offer a rare treat, to turn over my personal altar for three nights running, and cast powerfully into a full size and personalized Altar Cloth. The cloth shall be about 18 inches square, and the color chosen by spirit affirmation. 

For three nights castings shall be done for YOU AND YOU ALONE, no other work shall infringe on this altar. The symbols shall be spirit Lwa guided and drawn by hand by Papa Crow himself. You will take over papa Crow's altar and work for THREE FULL NIGHTS!
What is your need or desire?
This work, castings, altar cloth, all designs and personalization shall be tailored to your need or desire...

LOVE? - Take control with the most powerful Altar Cloth Papa can offer. Win love, attract lovers, heal broken relationships. Or send one packing.

MONEY? - Win more, get the raise you deserve or the funds coming to you.

JUSTICE? - Send justice where need, curse the deserving, rain Hell upon those who need it.

PERSONAL CHANGE? - You name it, Papa Crow stands ready to make this change for you now, starting as soon as you reserve your Altar Cloth!

What do you get?

Papa Crow shall contact you to gather information to make this spell personal, just for you.
Handcrafted and hand drawn Altar Cloth.
All color and symbols Lwa Voodoo spirit guided for your need or desire.
This is not for everybody.
The power is intense.
The attention is detailed.
The results shall be strong.

This take time and attention and as such has a fee of $480 if reserved through Paypal. Reserve here now and ensure yourself this power, as I will limit the number I can do.

If you wish to save a little money drop Papa a line for details on how to remit your fee via Western Union and Papa Crow shall reduce the fee to only $400, an $80 gift and savings to you friend.