New Moon Casting

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Don't read this unless you like Free Things.
And Guaranteed Success, Change, Protection, or Help!

Soon the New Moon shines upon us, and I am drawn to write to a few of my friends offering something powerful for PROTECTION!
Since it is important to also have desires met and goals achieved the spirit has guided me to write and plan THREE NIGHTS of TRIPLE CASTINGS!

One night is to be dedicated to PROTECTION FROM ILL WINDS as directed, the need is great.
The other two nights are at no fee and shall address two other goals, desires, or needs of your choosing. 

Let us plan together and make this happen.

This must be done now, in the coming nights, over the New Moon which comes about soon, the 27th, SO RESERVE NOW!

I am writing a few friends but only have places in this time consuming schedule of work for perhaps three people so reserve now with no hesitation or risk being left in the cold my friend.

The fee is but $259.95, the normal fee for ONE work, but two additional works are to be done at no cost over this three night plan.

I await your wise decision, let me know if you choose PROTECTION, and CHANGE, or if you wish to let this opportunity slide through your grasp...

**Cannot be used with other discounts. You cannot get the two free castings unless you reserve this work