Money Galore Voodoo Doll

Money Galore Voodoo Doll

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Stop losing at the financial game of life?
Mister Money Magick can change your luck, make success, vanish bills, create huge money wins.
Stop gambling and start winning the money game.

  • Banish negative energy from your life and watch debt and bills go away.
  • Be luckier and win more money at bingo, gambling, and lottery, or whatever you play.
  • Watch your financial situation heal and money flow more easily into your life.
  • Have the golden touch in business, work, investing, and any part of life involving money.
  • Support charities, drive fancy cars, live in a beautiful new home.
  • Use him regularly, the simple ritual keeps the energy flowing.

Your Money Galore Voodoo Doll package from Papa Crow will include...

  • Papa Crow Handcrafted Money Galore Doll
  • Three Power Charged Money Galore Ritual Pins
  • Secret Money Galore Ritual Chant
  • Complete Instructions

"Okay, so here we go. I got the doll, did the pins for gambling games and just tonight I more than doubled my money playing craps."
Jonathan F.
New Rochelle, NY
Mister Money Magick Voodoo Doll

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