The Love Curse Voodoo Dolls turns their love, marriage, or relationship into a living hell

Love Curse Doll

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Send your ex or the deserving a downward spiral of ill winds and evil forces.
Wreck anyone's love life, leave them alone and our in the cold.
Create arguments, distress, cheating, and hatred where love once bloomed.

  • Why allow your ex to move on and be happy when they deserve some suffering?
  • Can turn their love partner into a lying, cheating wretch nobody would want.
  • Tailored to your needs and desires to make the justice you deserve come about.
  • From simple daily distress in love to an all out war of evils in their life.
  • Papa shall work to make this specific to your desires so reserve today.

Your Love Curse Voodoo Doll package from Papa Crow will include...

  • Papa Crow Handcrafted Love Curse Voodoo Doll
  • Three Power Charged Ritual Curse Pins 
  • Powerful Love Curse Chant
  • Complete Instructions

"I ordered with a little uncertainty but tried to remain confident. After using the doll for only a few weeks they split up and she not only moved out, but away. To another state! And they had been together over ten years. I am a believer in you Papa!"
Joan C.
Little Rock, Arkansas
Break Up Curse Voodoo Doll

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