Jinx Go Away Powder

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Ensure good tidings and blessings for you and yours now with this potent powder.

Cleanse all negative things, wipe curses clean, stop a hex, and kill a jinx.
Keep some sprinkled about the home to add protection all day every day for all.
Avoid going unprotected and leaving a door open for bad spirits and malevolent powers to enter your life.

About Papa Crow's Hoodoo Powders
All powders are hand mixed after ordering.
Choose the bag for use in the coming weeks.
Choose the corked bottle to keep powder fresh for up to a year.
Hand mixed powders are freshly made for your use in your spell castings and magick works.
Order the Triple Cast and Papa Crow shall make three potent castings of energy for the maximum potential in your Hoodoo Powder.

How To Use Your Hoodoo Powders!

Sprinkling Powders - This is a common means of making the magick. The absolute best way to sprinkle powders is to walk backwards while doing so. If you are sprinkling powder to protect a home then walk backwards as you sprinkle some across the area in front of the entry and exit doors. The ideal method is to walk backwards 21 steps but in small areas you may do less Try and take an odd number of steps...3 or 5 or 7 for instance. This method also works great for sprinkling across the path of the intended!

Carrying Powders - This is a perfect way to bring the magick with you or send your intent with the intended all day. A small sachet bag of natural material works great for carrying powder, and of course powders are also an important part of Mojo Bags and many other types of totems you might choose to carry. It is popular to also dust the clothes or drop a dash of powder into pockets, purse, and shoes of either yourself or the intended.

Blowing Powders - A very potent and effective way of spreading about the energy of the powder, simply blow a bit where you intend the desire to have effect. Some folks like to blow four puffs of powder, one to each of the four points of the compass, and this has a long history of use and success. Modern users of powders also blow some into each of the four corners of a room, home, or business. Many powders also can be effective by blowing into a specific area... money powders onto the cash register or love powders under the bed.

Dressing Powders - Dressing is the use of applying oils and powders to material things to impart the intent of the magick. Dusting a candle with a powder can add greatly to the success of the candle burning for instance. Some folks even anoint or dress the candle with oils and follow that with powders, others prefer one or the other. Don't limit yourself to candles though as many folks make success by dusting lottery tickets with money powders, or legal papers with one of the associated powders. Another popular method is to write the intent, usually on parchment paper, fold and then sprinkle powder into the paper. Often this is burned and then used as a powder, walking backward and sprinkling the ash.