Full Moon Voodoo Cast Oil Spell Kit

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Casting Voodoo works under the Full Moon allows Papa Crow access to powerful energies at a time when the veil is most thin between this world and the next. As such most Full Moon nights Papa is busy helping others with strong castings in their honor and favor, and now it is your turn.
The Full Moon Spell Kit is a complete ritual work done by Papa Crow and friends, three times over, what you might call the Triple Coven Casting. Three POWERFUL totems are crafted in this work...
Full Moon Dressing Oil ~ Can ONLY be cast under the light of the Full Moon
Voodoo Graveyard Dirt ~ Powerful magick right from the cemetery with a long history of success
Full Moon Altar Cloth - Golden color cloth with Full Moon symbol and personal Veve symbols just for you!
All castings, Full Moon Oil, Graveyard Dirt, and Altar Cloth shall be personalized and tailored to  you, your needs, and your desires...

LOVE? - Allow Papa to make three potent totems and spell works for your love issues!

MONEY? - Make money easy, win more, make more, save more easily!

JUSTICE? - Curse an enemy, repel someone evil, ensure justice where deserved!

PERSONAL CHANGE? - Physical, mental, spiritual, make the change you seek happen now!

Papa Crow shall contact you after reservation to ensure he has the information required to make this as persoanl and powerful as the spirits allow.

These works are only done on the night of the FULL MOON.
Place fill up early.