Full Moon & Friday The 13th Casting

Full Moon & Friday The 13th Casting

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I am planning a POWERFUL work Friday night. It is Friday the 13th. It is the Full Moon. It is Harvest time, a time to gain benefit. And any work shall be done, triple cast love dolls, triple coven money works, whatever my friends hearts cry out for, at a reduced fee. 


Would you like a TRIPLE COVEN CAST for LOVE?
Find the love you need, end the love you despise, bring a soul mate right to your door!

How about a MONEY VOODOO DOLL cast THREE TIMES for MAXIMUM energy.
Create so much money magnetism that you can enjoy a new car, a new home, a new life!


1 - This Full Moon casting can address any need or desire so if you have questions write to Papa Crow.

2 - RESERVE NOW as there are only a few hours under the full moon light and once the schedule is full other requests will be turned away!