Flower Moon Eclipse Casting

Flower Moon Eclipse Casting

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Hey, Sunday night, this Sunday, the 15th, the Flower Moon shall fall to TOTAL ECLIPSE, and turn blood red!

And it shall only be done for THREE FRIENDS!

I am inviting three and only three friends to join me in a ceremony with this, as I am traveling East to be under this blood red moon, leaving tonight,  to make offerings to my three friends, personal and for total success.

Here is what shall happen...

There shall be a ceremony of several hours before to lay the foundation of the work.
While the eclipse is happening there shall be Offerings, and a Triple Cast work done for THREE people as that is all there shall be time for.
A special secret totem of this work shall be endowed and shipped to you soon after, and only THREE SHALL EVER be done for this.

Here is what you can do with this...

Best to FOCUS on one and only one thing, but that is flexible so let me know. EXTREME energy shall be available and you shall feel and see success in this work, guaranteed!

Remarkably such a rare work will only carry a fee of $219.95, and I stand ready to inscribe YOUR name in my book, only let me know, once three reserve their place the offer will be closed.

Reserve now to ensure success and avoid disappointment!

Papa Crow