Banish All Bills Doll

Banish All Bills Doll

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Are your bills like a weight around your neck each month?
Find relief as your bills go away and so much money rolls in they don't matter.
Stop suffering the pain of bills and start living your life again.

  • The Banish Bills Doll can make bills just seem to vanish and go away.
  • Relieve you and your family of this weekly stress and watch the arguments just stop.
  • Dissolves bills while also working to increase the flow of cash into your life.
  • This double edged sword cuts away poverty and stress and makes life fun again.
  • Go from negative balance to overflow and abundance as was intended.
  • Faithful uses watch as things turn around 180 degrees!

Your Banish All Bills Voodoo Doll package from Papa Crow will include...

  • Papa Crow Handcrafted Banish All Bills Doll
  • Three Power Charged Bill Banishing Pins
  • Papa Crow's Banish Bills Secret Ritual Chant
  • Complete Instructions

"The first doll is already working!
We were having terrible financial luck. We misplaced $1000 cash. My husband cracked his windshield costing us another $500. Our tenants were all late on their rent costing us $3000. My car needed work costing us $2000. My insurance costs went up $3000 per year. With my daughter's grad school costs and my son's college costs looming I was ready to cry.

My luck turned around as soon as I received the first doll! A mortgage banker called and said that our house could be refinanced without any paperwork, saving me $500 per month. I found new insurance carriers and the old carrier wrote me a refund check for $2500. I received a lot more responsibility at work, so hopefully a raise is on the horizon :)"

Sandi M.
Lakewood, CO
Banish All Bills Voodoo Doll


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