November Three Night New Moon Casting


In but a few days we shall have three entire nights of darkness! During this Three Night November New Moon Casting Papa will cast for you and your desires - Three Nights Of Total Power!

I am planning with all my fellows to make POWERFUL work those three nights in your name and glory, and have already penciled you into my schedule.
Others have reserved for as high a fee as $999.95!
But you can reserve NOW for only $199.95.

Any Work, All Three Night Triple Coven Cast, Personalized to your Needs and Desires.
This highly reduced fee is only for friends of Papa Crow and can be reserved until midnight Central US time on the 14th of November, just around the corner, so RESERVE NOW to avoid disappointment.

Shall I plan your personal work now or scratch your name from my list of friends in my schedule?

Papa Crow