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Papa Crow's Powerful Chalice

Papa Crow's Powerful Chalice

$ 359.97 $ 599.95

Every once in a long while Papa Crow parts with something magickal.
This is your chance to own something long held and used in so many wonderful castings that it rings with the energy of works past and adds much to all of your future needs and intents. Papa Crow is passing on two metal chalices that are wonderful for so many uses and benefits of Voodoo and magick!


Have your chalice cast for Three Nights at the Triple Coven Cast level for any desire needed.... Papa and his coven will cast for you and your specific needs. All energies that have thrummed through these chalices will be imbued into your new POWERFUL spell work.


Love... Money... Luck.... Health... Personal Improvement.. and much more!


NOTICE - There are but TWO CHALICES that Papa is willing to part with. 

There may never be more released...
RESERVE NOW to avoid disappointment, once the two are gone, they are in the hands of the new owner to their benefit and glory.
The fee for ONE CHALICE shall be $329.95
With many future blessings,
Papa Crow

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