October Double Full Moon Casting

October Double Full Moon Casting

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 What if Papa Crow could offer twice the moons, twice the energy, and twice the results at an amazing low fee? As I sit here thinking of the coming month and the changes we shall make in your life I get excited for your future!

You see friend, October 2020 has some amazing things happening. First of all we begin the month with a full moon on the first day of October, and we cap it off with a Blue Moon on the 31st! All Hallow's Eve! Samhain! A sacred day of power and change for you!

There is strong energy about, and Papa feels positive change is coming, and October is laying a STRONG FOUNDATION for all of us to grow out of these trying months into a brighter future.

We are ready to make two powerful works centered on your needs in love, money, justice, a curse, - you tell Papa what you need.

The first casting will be under the October 1 Full Moon, laying that strong foundation of power!
And the work shall grow strong and bloom deeply under Blue Moonlight October 31.

Both works shall be Triple Coven Cast, all of us here working hard for you.
There shall be a special secret Two Moon Charm sent to those joining in the change to come, and it shall allow full manifestation of Harvest change in your life.

I await you in our circle of success.

Papa Crow


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