New Moon Casting

New Moon Casting

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Coming up on March 24th Papa shall be doing a special New Moon casting. His whole coven and him are on a woodland retreat in hopes of casting for many of his friends and clients during the New Moon and retreat. 

What can this casting do for you?


  • Can bring your love back into your life
  • Create a whirlwind of positive financial changes
  • Give that person who did you wrong the karma they deserve
  • Bring peace and happiness to you and your family
  • improve your physical self in any way you like


What shall this casting include?


  • A powerful energy wrapped totem 
  • A scroll to write your wishes on 
  • Instructions for use


Will you allow Papa to cast for your specific needs during the next New Moon? Will you be left behind? Will you take advantage of this powerful energy directed towards your life?

If you have any questions please let Papa know your concerns.