Three Night 3X Casting $99 Voodoo Doll

I am shaking things up today at Full Moon Magick Shoppe and want to help out a few folks who have been wanting something STRONG, POWERFUL, AND GUARANTEED!

TODAY IS YOUR CHANCE to have the TRIPLE CAST Voodoo Dolls for a few wise, lucky, and decisive friends for only $99.95!

Triple Cast Dolls are normally $329.95 

RESERVE NOW as when the schedule fills tonight the offer shall be cancelled and the link disabled.

Which dolls are eligible? ALL OF THEM?!

~ Raging Bull Manhood Voodoo Doll
~ Love Obsession Voodoo Doll
~ Lucky Numbers Lottery Winner Doll
~ U-Turn Karma Curse Voodoo Doll
~ Soul Mate At My Door Voodoo Doll
~ Return Lover Voodoo Doll
~ Banish All Bills Voodoo Doll
~ White Light Protection Voodoo Doll
~ Master and Slave Voodoo Dolls
~ Break Up Voodoo Doll
~ Banish Them Voodoo Doll

Here's a link to the dolls on my website, and I also handcraft and personalize many others, just ask... Papa Crow Voodoo Dolls

RESERVE NOW or write Papa Crow with any questions, needs, desires, or just to say hi.

Papa Crow